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PID Controller Regulus

The PID controller Regulus comes with two pyrometer inputs. Furthermore it is possible to connect thermocouples (only RDK and RDS). By using these additional sensors the controllable temperature range is maximized. More features: Fast sampling (100 µs), 7 DOs, 6 DIs, 4 Relays (230 V, 6 A), 26 programs (990 program steps)

Model Version Pyrometer input Thermocouple input (type K) Thermocouple input (type S)
RD00 Table housing 2 0 0
RDK0 Table housing 2 1 0
RDKK Table housing 2 2 0
RDS0 Table housing 2 0 1
RDSS Table housing 2 0 2
RDKS Table housing 2 1 1

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