In addition to our standard products for monitoring indoor and outdoor climate, we offer customized solutions such as the K BO 00 01 system below.

This customized solution consists of a robust handle with integrated Pt100 temperature sensor and a display / transmitter box. The system detects the presence of the handle in the side dock (relay contact) and the temperature signal can be passed on through a current (4 … 20 mA).

The customizable box allows modifications based on the specific application. The CAN bus option allows to set up a sensor network to collect environmental data such as temperature, humidity, pressure etc. and forward digital data to a higher-level controller. 


Our product range consists of numerous of product families and thousands of variants. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance in finding a suitable product for your application.

LCD with high contrast

presence detection
of sensor handle

sensor (handle)

cable gland for
supply voltage and signals