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Pressure Switch

The product range of Kottonau and our partners (mainly from the EU area) consists of numerous product families and thousands of product options/alternatives. We are happy to assist you in selecting a suitable option/alternative.

The MINICOMB® pressure switch series offers a compact 30×30 design, making it ideal for measuring compressed air, low-viscosity fluids, and non-aggressive gases.

It utilizes a force-balance measuring system with bellows sensors, actuating a single switching contact. This system is not only friction-free but also delivers excellent repeatability and long-term stability.

MINICOMB® is available with pressure ranges of 0.2 – 16 bar, -0.9 – 0 bar, or -0.9…+1 bar. You can connect it to the process via sub-base mounting or female threads, and for electrical connections, you have the choice of a 4-pin plug according to ISO 4400 or an M12x1 plug.

The MINICOMB® pressure switch series holds approvals for applications requiring at least PLc (Performance Level according to ISO 13849) and is suitable for use in hazardous areas (zone 2 / 22 in accordance with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC).

The MINICOMB® pressure switch

• standardized compact dimensions 30×30
• friction-free force-balance measuring system
• high repeatability
• very good longterm stability
• pressure ranges -0,9… 0 (+1) bar or 0,2 – 16 bar
• process connection female thread or sub-base mounting
• electrical connection ISO 4400 or M12x1
• approved for applications requiring PLc
• approved for ATEX-Zone 2 / 22

Operating Principle 

The principle of operation is the balance of forces. The working force within each bellow is counter-balanced by adjustable steel springs. This system actuates a microswitch when the working pressure overcomes the opposing force. The measuring system operates without any pistons or diaphragms, thus completly friction-free, resulting in minimal wear and no maintenance.

MINICOMB® Pressure Switch

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