Pyrometers, also known as IR thermometers, are devices that enable temperature measurement without physical contact with the surface being measured, regardless of whether it is made of a metallic or non-metallic material. These devices detect and capture the infrared radiation (or heat radiation) emitted by the object and then convert it into a temperature reading. The conversion process typically takes just milliseconds, or microseconds in high-speed applications. Pyrometers are particularly useful in situations where electromagnetic fields would interfere with other types of measurement devices, such as in the case of inductive heating processes.

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various lenses are available
(spot sizes starting at 0.3 mm)

temperature ranges 
starting at 50 °C

Temperature ranges from 50 to 3300 °C

A range of options is available in both mobile and stationary solutions. For stationary systems, the M3 or H3 series offers the choice of integrated optics (with manual or motor-driven focus) or fiber optic variants (suitable for use at high ambient temperatures up to 250 °C with a remote optics head). Pyrometers can also be equipped with a sight glass (DBV) or color camera. The M3/H3 pyrometers come with a visible red laser as standard, making it easy to align with the target object for measurement. In the case of the mobile system (Capella C3) or high temperatures, a green laser is used to mark the measuring point even on glowing objects.

various lenses are available
(spot sizes starting at 1 mm)

temperature ranges
starting at 0 °C (or -32 °C)

Temperature ranges from -32 bis 1850 °C

Mobile and stationary solutions are available with a variety of options.