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Consumption measurement of compressed air, leak detection, etc.

The product range of Kottonau and our partners (mainly from the EU region) consists of numerous product families and thousands of product variants. We are happy to assist you in choosing a suitable option.

Compressed air is indispensable in today’s industrial and craft businesses. However, generating compressed air is highly energy-intensive, resulting in significant costs.

Compressed air consumption measurements can assist in identifying potential savings. They can reduce costs and carbon dioxide emissions while improving your company’s energy balance. This is crucial for energy management certification (ISO 50001).

Display/Tasten (optional)

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Aluminium-Gehäuse (IP65)

Höntzsch’s TA10 thermal flow sensor performs mass flow measurements of gases with high precision. Thanks to its compact size, it can be used in pipelines with an inner diameter as small as 8 mm. It is suitable for various gases like natural gas, pure gases, or hydrogen, and can be employed in potentially explosive environments.

When combined with a flowtherm NT handheld device, these flow sensors become suitable for mobile applications.

🖱️ Datenblatt TA10 mit integriertem Umformer (U430)

🖱️ Datenblatt TA Di mit integriertem Umformer (U431)

🖱️ Datenblatt Handmessgerät flowtherm NT 2 (U442)

Farbdisplay (Touch)

ergonomisches Handgerät

Another energy-saving measure is repairing leaks in the pipeline systems. Small leaks often go unnoticed since they are usually neither audible to the human ear nor visible to the naked eye.

However, these leaks produce sounds in the ultrasonic range. This is where the leak detection device from IPF electronics comes into play, converting the sounds into audible frequencies. The device measures the gas leakage rate in liters per minute and calculates the resulting costs for you.

🖱️ Datenblatt Lecksuchgerät UY000002

Ist-Wert-Anzeige (Druck)

Soll-Wert / Schaltpunkt (Druck)


elektrischer Anschluss

The Manocomb pressure switch from Pinter serves as a pressure limiter. It can be adjusted using a calibrated setpoint scale. Optionally, it can also be equipped with a pressure gauge for measuring point evaluation (actual value display).

🖱️ Datenblatt Druckschalter MANOCOMB

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