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Measurement technology for HVAC applications (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)

The product range of Kottonau and our partners (mainly from the EU region) consists of numerous product families and thousands of product variants. We are happy to assist you in choosing a suitable option.

For HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) applications or monitoring and quantifying indoor climate in buildings, we offer a range of measuring instruments (handheld devices, transducers, and data loggers). These instruments can measure not only variables like temperature, pressure, air velocity (see also 🖱️ DEBIMO system), humidity, material moisture (wall moisture), air quality (CO, CO2) but also parameters such as RPM, illumination, heat flux density (U-value determination), and gas concentration (for leak detection, e.g., in air conditioning units).

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The battery-operated handheld devices from KIMO in the 310 and 210 series can simultaneously measure and store up to six parameters. Various probes are also available in wireless versions (with a range of approximately 10m). To facilitate a quick and straightforward start, you can choose from various case sets. The series with lower numbers (50, 60, 110, etc.) provide pure measurement value display (typically single-channel devices).

mit und ohne Display (LCD)

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Analogausgänge (Strom, Spannung, Relais)
und digitale Schnittstellen (RS485, Ethernet)

The transmitters of the Si-C320 series are an advancement of the KIMO SI 310 and are suitable for stationary use in air and neutral gas. They are waterproof and resistant to vaporized hydrogen peroxide. With these transmitters, pressure or differential pressure, temperature, flow velocity, humidity, and air quality (CO, CO2, VOC) can be measured, displayed, and transmitted via an analog (current or voltage) or digital (Modbus) signal. A touch display allows for easy operation. Data recording can be downloaded through software/app.

Additionally, the transmitters feature an alarm function (visual via LED, auditory via buzzer, and relay for transmission to a third-party system) to quickly respond to a critical system condition or initiate countermeasures.

🖱️ Data Sheet Multifunctional Pressure Transmitter (Si-C320)


Logger mit und ohne Display

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Battery-operated data loggers allow for the measurement, display, and storage of temperature, pressure or differential pressure, humidity, current/voltage, and impulse over an extended period.

Thanks to easy installation using a magnet or wall mount (theft protection in the 200/300 series), data loggers can be deployed in nearly any location. Various configuration options, button lock, etc., enable flexible data acquisition and provide valuable insights into the temporal progression of climatic conditions.

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